N95: Contact birthdays to calendar application

Although my current N95 mobile phone isn't bad compared to the competition (hell, you can even call people with it), there are a few quirks that annoy me.

One of these is rather simple: For every contact you can assign a birthday. However, these birthdays don't automatically show up in your calendar (and thus don't show up as an anniversary on the main display). Adding birthdays to your contacts doesn't do snap. Even though adding birthdays to your contacts seems to be the logical thing to do.

There are a few workarounds, but they didn't work for me. Instead, I wrote a small N95 Python application to send all the birthdays in the contact list to the calendar as anniversaries. Here it is: Contact-to-calendar.py.

In order to run this script, you need to install PyS60 and place the script in the /Python directory on your phone. Then start the Python shell, select Run Script and select contact-to-calendar.py to run the application.

I was hoping to make a .sis file (native Symbian package) in order to simplify the process, unfortunately Symbian has S60 locked down for non-commercial or open source developers for certain types of usage (see Why Symbian Signed must die).

Pity, I was seriously considering developing stuff for my phone, but if I'm the only one that can use my code it becomes rather pointless.

Drupal upgrade

And before you know it you're still running the Drupal from Debian sarge (2004) as the software on this website. Upgrading to etch or lenny proved interesting enough (good thing I had backups), so instead I upgraded to 4.7.11.

Unfortunately the customized Drupal theme I had been using was very hackish, so I'll stick with the default for now.

Back in 0031!

Last weekend we got back from our roadtrip through France, had a great time and even picked up a tan.

Winding down for the holidays

Next week we'll be off to southern France for a couple of weeks of camping. I had a few loose strings/projects to tie up this week, but all in all it looks like I'll be able to enjoy a nice quiet holiday without any emergency calls *knocks on wood*.

We had a wii-partii yesterday evening with friends (aquatix too! Pity he pwn3d me in mario kart :) and although it was a bit busy in our small apartment it was fun enough to do more often imho. This time it was more-or-less to celebrate that I got that second MSc, but it was also nice to get together before everyone goes to the far corners of the world for their vacation.

Earlier this month I updated the Aperte website to suck a bit less, using lessons from "Don't make me think" and "CSS Zen garden". Although I try to keep my projects on the 'web development' side of the design-border, a bit of usability and CSS tricks-of-the-trade go a long way.

On the political side of life, I'm getting more and more annoyed at the state that is the EU. Ignoring the Irish referendum, after denying the French and our second referendums, we're getting a new Constitution shoved down our throats if we like it or not. If you couple that with an EU parliament that openly commits fraud, I see a strong argument for getting out of the EU asap. The right to bear arms is one that (in this case unfortunately) doesn't exist in the Dutch constitution...

Hup Holland Hup!

I've been seriously neglecting my blog these last few weeks, so while the rest of the Netherlands is gearing up to see 22 over-paid sporters playing rugby with a round ball and without a glimmer of violence, I can give a small update.

Last week I got my second MSc, this time in Computer Science. The ceremony went a lot better than the first time (got a great speech from my supervisor at IBM, thanks Nicky!). I've been learning Blender, and inbetween work for clients I've been working on a few prototypes for my own.

Oh, and I hate the "Awesome" bar in FF 3.0. I finally updated FF2 on my laptop, and the first thing I did was hunt around for a way to disable it. The oldbar firefox plugin/extension/add-on makes it bearable, but only just. How dare Mozilla change something that worked perfectly to begin with.

Android on n810 - binaries and a fixed tutorial

Update (05/11/2008):
I've placed a backup of the android-on-n8xx patches online, in case they are of use to anyone. With Android being released proper, there might be more up-to-date resources for getting android running on you tablet. As always, YMMV.

Update (24/07/2008):

Today I played around with getting Google's Android to work on my n810 internet tablet. On the android-on-n8xx wiki there is quite an extensive tutorial. Unfortunately, certain parts of it are incorrect and will lead to a non-booting n810. Below you can find the fixed tutorial and links to binary packages with instructions on how to more easily try out android on your nokia tablet. The result: android-on-n810 photo (0.5MB)

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